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Start up Branding 

Dewan Group Of Services (pvt.) Ltd possesses excellent capabilities in all areas of business promotion. If you are considering starting your new business in any sectors, the Dewan Group Of Services would be there to help you for a successful launch of your brand.

Being experts in the Multi sectors, we will conduct in-depth business analysis so that you would be  in a position to launch the product in an appropriate manner while fully addressing the various aspects with regard to quality of product, pricing, popular designs, etc.

We remain in constant coordination with various clients from all across the Globe and know the prevailing trends in various products. Therefore, we will be in a position to guide you perfectly to focus as to which product, design or material grade should you prefer. Once the product is launched, we will be exploring the possible overseas as well as local markets to promote your newly launched product amongst existing and prospective clientele.

We will organize virtual trade shows so as to attract the maximum possible buyers for your new brands and products. We will launch extensive marketing and business promotion activities for your new brands so as you may avail the maximum business opportunities ahead.


Ahsan Mateen Malik

CEO & Chairman





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