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Growing Franchise Available Worldwide

The MANO aims to launch an global system of high street franchised retail outlets. 
To make possible franchisees to focus on running their businesses The MANO 
head office will directly deliver the brands whole product variety on wholesale price 
develop new products and designs for all the seasons accumulate new catalogues 
and fashion shoots and produce marketing initiatives.

The MANO seeks franchisees with at least US$ 20000 - US$ 50000 to put in stocking 
and working capital obligation for their own franchised The MANO Store. The franchisee 
is anticipated to bring their sales and management expertise commitment to The MANO 
customer experience inspiration resources and local knowledge. The MANO franchise 
package consists of initial and constant guidance and knowledge business 
recommendations effectual sales and marketing programs.

A Winning Approach
The MANO well-conceived approach affords you many reimbursements. 
The following are just a small number of these benefits.
Reasonable Start-Up Costs: 
Our store investment is designed to be low. It costs as little as $15000 - $30000 for a 
fully operational store plus working capital about $5000 - $10000.

Store Design and Construction:
Your whole store arrives in graphical form. We call it a store in a pack. After you sign 
your lease and the accurate layout of your store is finalized the complete contents of 
your store as well as store fixture in 3D form will be posted to you so that you can start 
building The MANO store. We will also post you promotion material allowing you 
additional time to create hype your business. This exclusive approach to store build-out 
and promotion hype helps keep your costs low while serving to get you opens quickly.

Advertising and Effective Sales Programmers:
We will also instruct you how to expend your marketing dollars most competently 
saving you substantial money and rising your revenues. Plus we will back you with 
marketing materials as well as straight mail pieces handout flyers coupons ad clicks 
banner creative billboards and outbound emails. In addition, we employ an ad agency 
to produce an support numerous great advertising opportunities to build our company.

You wont require any earlier business experience to open  The MANO store. 
We will be providing you with a wide-ranging initial preparation and constant 
operations and promotion support as well as the best to advertise and how to 
make practical estimates of custom orders.
We realize what items have strong demand what sizes to buy and the pitfalls 
of inappropriate ordering. So you hold high demand items that are receiving 
rapid response. Only The MANO franchise owners can draw on our prosperity 
of experience in this area. This knowledge alone is significance the Franchise fee.

A Pleasant Working Environment: 
The MANO store is fun pleasant working environment. You can dress casually. 
Your clientele is generally upper scale well behaved and grateful that they finally 
have a convenient source for their fashion needs. Plus, because they return season 
after season, you can form a lasting bond with the whole family members you serve. 
Finally, The MANO Franchise gives you pride of ownership and the knowledge 
that you are serving an important role in your community.
Additional Revenue Streams: 
Fashion Wear & Accessories  
Career Wear   
Sports Wear & Gear
Leather Products  
Home Textile Products  
Corporate Uniforms  
Custom Orders  
Fashion Shows and Trade Exhibitions

Store Size & Location Attributes:
We are looking for typical locations Preferably The MANO franchise store will be 

situated in a shopping centre and parade close by supermarkets, newsagents popular 

video stores  jewelry shops and other national chains with convenient parking. 

Minimum requirements Include: 

1-Minimum 200 to 1500 square feet 
2-Minimum 7 feet of frontage 
3-Located in a highly visible shopping centre 
4-Co-tenants include national chains 
5-Easily accessible with parking at the storefront

Cost and Fees:
Total investment required: $10000 to $30000.
Franchise fee: $4800.
Ongoing royalty fee: No royalty fee.
Terms of agreement: 5 years renewable.
Number of employees needed to run a franchised unit: 1 to 3.

Are you ready to get started?
Simply email us your business information and other particulars such as available 

capital to invest investment timefram, and preference franchise place and we will 

get in touch with you to reply your questions and talk about next steps. 






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