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The Company
Dewan Group Of Services (Pvt) Ltd is one of the best leading Manufacturing , Sourcing & Global Supplies platform in Pakistan primarily dealing in Textile, Leather,Garments, Sports, 
since 1998.

We always strive for the fullest satisfaction of our worthy clients. Our main clientele are from around the Globe and we do our utmost efforts while manufacturing sourcing & Supply the world class products at the best competitive rates in the region.

While acting as a Sourcing & Supply house, we ensure to select only the top ranked and reliable manufacturers and stockist so as to have the best quality products.

Scope of our core activities include but not limited to the following:-

  • Soliciting Price Quotations from the local manufacturers.

  • Evaluating the received proposals in commercial as well as technical terms

  • Arranging and dispatching the samples to client for prior approval before finalizing the order.

  • Keeping Follow up at the manufacturing units to ensure scheduled delivery time.

  • Coordinating with the supplier for quality assurance/control checks.

  • Monitoring packing, inland transportation and onward shipment through the vessel.

  • Keeping track record of supplier?s performance for future business prospects.

Making your business success is our business. So you can rely upon our proven expertise in sourcing the world class products from Pakistan at the best competitive rates.

Our Vision
We as Dewan Group Of Services (pvt) Ltd envisioned is to be one of the world class Manufacturing , Sourcing & Supplies Platform in Pakistan for catering the diverse range of requirements of our worthy clients with regard to Multiple goods. We strive for the high business growth of our worthy clients while providing them value added services. Every individual at Dewan Group Of Services is specially trained to persuade the companies goals while performing the services at his/her respective position. Therefore, is rest assured that your business interests will be fully safeguarded by the expert team of Dewan Group Of Services without compromising on quality of goods carefully sourced & Supply from local industry.

Our Mission
Our core mission is to maximize the business volume and profitability of our worthy clients. Therefore, being a prominent Manufacturer, Sourcing & Supply house of product sector, we are striving to facilitate the buyers as well as the sellers for negotiating the best deals. We do our utmost for the fullest satisfaction of our overseas clients and always tend to source only the world class products from local industry so that clients have the flawless supplies. We are pursuing the same with full devotion.

Why Choose Us ?
Manufacturing, Sourcing & Supply the desired products from the mega industry of Pakistan is a challenging job. Obviously, it may not be feasible for the overseas buyers to fully coordinate with the various manufacturing units. Here comes the need of well experienced, professional and reliable sourcing & Supply partner. 

Dewan Group Of Services (pvt) Ltd.

Following are the merits of our services which will help you finding the desired products at the best possible rates.

  • Being your exclusive manufacturer sourcing & Supply Partner in Pakistan we will float the trade leads in the manufacturing industry so as to have the price from various units.

  • Once the price quotations are received at our end, then our experts will evaluate the price quotations in technical as well as commercial terms. Based on the thorough evaluation, we will select only the best suited Manufacturers for your product.

  • We negotiate with the local manufacturing units too on your behalf to arrange samples and dispatch the same to you for your prior review and assessment.

  • Once the order is finalized, we will pay personal visits to the manufacturing units to perform the quality control checks during various stages of production process.

  • We conduct pre-shipment inspections on behalf of our overseas clients to ensure quality product as per ordered specs.

  • We coordinate with manufacturing mills for seaworthy packing and onward transportation till port of shipment.

Aforesaid are a few of the merits which will help you to understand value of services being offered by Dewan Group of Services (pvt) Ltd Sourcing & Global Supplies Platform.





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